Mobil partner

Huawei Mobile Partner is a very useful mobile phone management software for Windows PC that can transfer a large number of mobile phone functionalities to the desktop of your home or work PC. Originally developed in the early 2000s by Huawei Corporation, this small PC app served as one of the best ways to transfer mobile phonebook to your PC. Huawei Mobile Partner is a freeware software app filed under mobile phone tools and made available by Huawei for Windows. The review for Huawei Mobile Partner has not been completed yet, but it was tested by an editor here on a PC and a list of features has been compiled; see below.. If you would like to submit a review of this software download, we welcome your input and encourage you to ... Mobile Partner allows you to manage Internet connections on Huawei netsetter devices. It lets you change the settings and configure the username, password, and other options. You can also connect/disconnect from the Internet using this tool, with a single click. Mobile-Partner 👍 (App.exe) latest version, 📱 Mobile Partner a best graphical user interface for huawei 3g usb modems developed by Huawei Technologies. Features: Support Voice Calling Support Text Messaging Services Support GPS (Global Positioning System Support USSD Support Phone Books Provide Details Statistics Support All Huawei Modems Chat offline. Leave a message We are currently offline. Please leave a message and we'll get back to you shortly. Mobile Partner (Mobile Partner.exe). Mobile Partner allows you to manage Internet connections on Huawei netsetter devices. It lets you change the settings and configure the username, password, and other options. You can also connect/disconnect from the Internet using this tool, with a single click. Mobil Car Service workshop program in SAP Grouping aims to provide better service to customers.

Trigger warning

2020.09.28 06:21 GraceLoveCare Trigger warning

Could be a trigger to some people*
** Update: We are out of diapers completely and have no food left for my older two toddlers.**
My husband and the father of my children suffered with severe depression and couldn't see no hope and decided to take his own life about 18 days ago. He was such an amazing man and father. He wasn't a bad person at all so please don't think that he just had a problem with mental health and battled it since he was 12 years old. We have three beautiful babies together who are amazing as well. Maddox Eli is 9 weeks old, Micah Stone is 15 months old, and my oldest little man, Caison Steel is 3 years old. They are so much like their daddy that I feel like apart of him is still here but it's been so hard and I still feel like idk how I will live without my partner and other half. I feel like a big part of me is gone. I need advice, suggestions, or encouragement would be great. I have two questions:
  1. I'm struggling so bad and barely keeping my head above water. I was a SAHM and recently have had to get a job as a receptionist at a mobile home sales place. I desperately need formula for my newborn, diapers for the newborn & one year old, pull ups for my 3 year old, wipes, & food for the older two. I applied for SNAP which is food stamps and family independence. I am waiting on a letter to do a phone interview and see if I'm approved. Our first WIC appointment is Thursday at 2:45pm. The food pantry here is by appointment only and I made an appointment for Friday at 9:45am. (That's only day they operate on) what else can I do?!? Who else can I reach out to? Am I forgetting to do anything else that you can think of? We don't have a diaper bank here. I researched and no that isn't a thing here apparently. I'm in such a panic because formula is out and food, diapers, and pull ups are close to being out.
2.I want to look into cloth diapers. I was told that I can reduce a lot of costs if I could cloth diaper my kids. Is that true? Where do I start? I was told that there are websites or organizations online that offer free cloth diapers to you and you return when finished or you need a bigger size. Anyone know anything about them? Names or web address? Or I know it's a long shot but does anyone have any cloth diapers they don't need or want I could at least try out going cloth and I'll even return if you'd like. Can I cloth diaper both my younger boys? Or is my one year old too big?? Any tips or advice you have is appreciated because I am completely new to this!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and giving me the advice and encouragement. I am in the USA btw.
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2020.09.28 06:04 GraceLoveCare Trigger warning

Could be a trigger to some people*
** Update: We are out of diapers completely and have no food left for my older two toddlers.**
My husband and the father of my children suffered with severe depression and couldn't see no hope and decided to take his own life about 18 days ago. He was such an amazing man and father. He wasn't a bad person at all so please don't think that he just had a problem with mental health and battled it since he was 12 years old. We have three beautiful babies together who are amazing as well. Maddox Eli is 9 weeks old, Micah Stone is 15 months old, and my oldest little man, Caison Steel is 3 years old. They are so much like their daddy that I feel like apart of him is still here but it's been so hard and I still feel like idk how I will live without my partner and other half. I feel like a big part of me is gone. I need advice, suggestions, or encouragement would be great. I have two questions:
  1. I'm struggling so bad and barely keeping my head above water. I was a SAHM and recently have had to get a job as a receptionist at a mobile home sales place. I desperately need formula for my newborn, diapers for the newborn & one year old, pull ups for my 3 year old, wipes, & food for the older two. I applied for SNAP which is food stamps and family independence. I am waiting on a letter to do a phone interview and see if I'm approved. Our first WIC appointment is Thursday at 2:45pm. The food pantry here is by appointment only and I made an appointment for Friday at 9:45am. (That's only day they operate on) what else can I do?!? Who else can I reach out to? Am I forgetting to do anything else that you can think of? We don't have a diaper bank here. I researched and no that isn't a thing here apparently. I'm in such a panic because formula is out and food, diapers, and pull ups are close to being out.
2.I want to look into cloth diapers. I was told that I can reduce a lot of costs if I could cloth diaper my kids. Is that true? Where do I start? I was told that there are websites or organizations online that offer free cloth diapers to you and you return when finished or you need a bigger size. Anyone know anything about them? Names or web address? Or I know it's a long shot but does anyone have any cloth diapers they don't need or want I could at least try out going cloth and I'll even return if you'd like. Can I cloth diaper both my younger boys? Or is my one year old too big?? Any tips or advice you have is appreciated because I am completely new to this!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and giving me the advice and encouragement. I am in the USA btw.
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2020.09.28 05:22 GraceLoveCare Trigger warning

Could be a trigger to some people*
** Update: We are out of diapers completely and have no food left for my older two toddlers.**
My husband and the father of my children suffered with severe depression and couldn't see no hope and decided to take his own life about 18 days ago. He was such an amazing man and father. He wasn't a bad person at all so please don't think that he just had a problem with mental health and battled it since he was 12 years old. We have three beautiful babies together who are amazing as well. Maddox Eli is 9 weeks old, Micah Stone is 15 months old, and my oldest little man, Caison Steel is 3 years old. They are so much like their daddy that I feel like apart of him is still here but it's been so hard and I still feel like idk how I will live without my partner and other half. I feel like a big part of me is gone. I need advice, suggestions, or encouragement would be great. I have two questions:
  1. I'm struggling so bad and barely keeping my head above water. I was a SAHM and recently have had to get a job as a receptionist at a mobile home sales place. I desperately need formula for my newborn, diapers for the newborn & one year old, pull ups for my 3 year old, wipes, & food for the older two. I applied for SNAP which is food stamps and family independence. I am waiting on a letter to do a phone interview and see if I'm approved. Our first WIC appointment is Thursday at 2:45pm. The food pantry here is by appointment only and I made an appointment for Friday at 9:45am. (That's only day they operate on) what else can I do?!? Who else can I reach out to? Am I forgetting to do anything else that you can think of? We don't have a diaper bank here. I researched and no that isn't a thing here apparently. I'm in such a panic because formula is out and food, diapers, and pull ups are close to being out.
2.I want to look into cloth diapers. I was told that I can reduce a lot of costs if I could cloth diaper my kids. Is that true? Where do I start? I was told that there are websites or organizations online that offer free cloth diapers to you and you return when finished or you need a bigger size. Anyone know anything about them? Names or web address? Or I know it's a long shot but does anyone have any cloth diapers they don't need or want I could at least try out going cloth and I'll even return if you'd like. Can I cloth diaper both my younger boys? Or is my one year old too big?? Any tips or advice you have is appreciated because I am completely new to this!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and giving me the advice and encouragement. I am in the USA btw.
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2020.09.28 04:38 ThrowRA-polydrama My(F15) boyfriend(M14) is in a poly relationship with another poly partner(M16?) and my boyfriend and his boyfriend's boyfriend(M?) hate each other

Confusing title but let me explain. Also I'm on mobile so if I get comments about formatting, I know.
I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for around six months, we'll call him M. He has another boyfriend we'll call Z, and Z has another boyfriend we'll call F. I'd known about Z for a while (he's a really great guy, does not deserve all this bull), but I just recently met F a few days ago, and already he seems really gross and a little creepy. He'll casually make gross jokes that vary from sucking someone's toes to making out in normal conversation, and we'll usually just move right along, but that seems to just give him the freedom to think it's okay with us. Now, I wasn't super concerned about it at first, everyone seemed uncomfortable but that was all it was, just some disgusting humor, which I can live with. Keep in mind, this is all online, through a group discord.
Today, I realized it was a whole lot more. M has been super agitated for the last few months, and it had no clear explanation up until now, though he had mentioned that there was a lot of drama going on in his life. And today I found out what drama he was talking about. Apparently, F had not only made lewd jokes to the group chat, but he purposefully gaslighted them into thinking it was okay for him to do, even though they were uncomfortable, and also sexually harassed M at some point early in their hesitant friendship with each other, trying to get him to ERP with him. What's even more, in the argument where this bombshell of information was uncovered, any time we had him backed into a corner trying to get him to admit he was in the wrong, he wouldn't take it seriously, and start making rude jokes, trying to offend us and lead the conversation elsewhere. We eventually removed him from the chat, which ended the argument for a little while.
When we came back, Z told us he'd been trying to talk to F, and reason things out with him. At this point I should mention that F is really nice and pg with Z, no lewd jokes or anything, and I get the impression that this is the first time Z has seen F in full force (I could be wrong). He said that he'd "made a point with him" to be more considerate of others, and while I think he's telling the truth and intends to try and play nice for a while, I'm not so sure how long that will last. He tried to talk with M to convince him to give F another chance, but M really just doesn't want anything to do with F anymore, and I totally agree. F can be a creep on his own time, with friends who will actually appreciate his gross jokes, but not with us. Z is angry and sad that M refused to give F another chance, and just wants his partners to get along, when they are clearly not compatable. Z is now frustrated, M is mad because he's being forced into a friendship with his sexual abuser, and I'm afraid that that they might break up over this. I've had relationships where my partners don't know or don't care to know each other, and it's worked out fine, so I don't want this this to be the thing that splits them up, because they're an adorable couple other than this. I've been told I give good advice, but I'm not sure where to go from here. I do know that M has told me Z nearly stabbed himself because he felt guilty of how he treated M in a past argument, so I need to be really careful here.
TLDR: My boyfriend's boyfriend's boyfriend turned out to be not a very good person, and I'm not sure how to comfort anyone.
First post on reddit ever, please be nice. Any help is appreciated
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2020.09.28 02:43 Anonnoeyebrows AITA because I dont like my girlfriends new eyebrow style and telling a friend

Sorry mobile + throwaway.
Ok so recently my GF of 3 years has really gotten into this goth grunge style trying to mimic a certain group of Instagrammers and im totally ok with this style but she has taken to shaving off her eyebrow and drawing in really thin ones.
I really hate this look, it look inhuman to me and im having trouble looking at my GF face at the moment as i try to get used to it especially as my GF has a very prominent brow line.
The thing is i grew up in a family very positive on bodily automony and would never tell my GF that she cant do something to her own body that she wants to do.
So i was with my close friend who made a comment about how cool my GF looked at the moment, and i said i had to disagree with her as i thought it looked inhuman but i wasnt going to rain on my GF's parade cause i love her, but i do wish she consulted me before doing it so she know how i felt but im not the one to make decisions for her.
My friend lost it at me and immediately messaged my GF who then blew up my phone, saying things like why cant i just enjoy how confident she is feeling etc without going behind her back.
She said she needs a break from me as i obviously cant appreciate her as a whole i tried to argue back but she wouldnt have a bar of what i was saying and my friend backed her up so i am at loss. Ive always been supportive of her and her goals and this is the first time ive ever spoken somewhat negative behind her back.
And i know it sounds childish, i seriously thought we were past that stage
AITA for not like my GF's eyebrows and telling a friend i dont like them
Tldr: GF changed styles and shaved her eyebrows off and i dont like the eyebrow part, but havent said anything to her but told a friend who told her and now shes upset.
Edit: i forgot to mention in the original post but said in a comment the style change was quite a drastic one from Sundresses and natural hair, beachesque to dyed hair goth grunge heavy makeup.
Last Edit: So my Friends partner has just informed me that the reason my friend jump on the comment was that my GF was looking for a reason to break up with me. I was told that she had one of those close friend insta story which the partner saw of her making out with a guy from the goth grunge circle of friends and was looking for an excuse to make me the bad guy and leave our relationship. She saw this post and knew of our situation so put 2 and 2 together. Im gonna go and drink a bottle of vodka now and cry for a while so no more responding. Thanks for the advice though! Ill try to make sure that i use it in the future if i do get over this
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2020.09.28 01:25 ITTrillionaire Resume Review (What jobs do you think I’m qualified for?)

I’m a recent grad with some internships under my belt and a certification. I’ve been applying to full time roles for weeks now and I’m really trying to get out of the internship field and land a full time position to acquire some experience. But I’m sort of not having any luck, I’m pursing a job in the networking field but I’m open to settling with support. What positions do you think I’m qualified for?
Here’s some of my resume in plain text:
School: Pace University, Seidenberg School of CSIS Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.S./BS) Major: Information Technology Concentration: Security and Information Assurance (Information Security/ Cybersecurity) Minor: Business Administration Honors: Achieved the Academic Dean’s List for 7 semesters. Cumulative GPA: 3.57
(CompTIA) Network+ − Design and implement functional networks, and configure, manage, and maintain essential network devices − Use devices such as switches and routers to segment network traffic and create resilient networks − Implement network security, standards, and protocols and Troubleshoot network problems
Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++, Python, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Unix, Windows 7, Windows 10, macOS, OS, VMware, Android, IOS, Ticketing system, Data Backups, Microsoft Office Suite, Active Directory, Putty, SharePoint, BIOS configurations, Confluence, ServiceNow, Cisco, Palo Alto, F5, Remote Software, Juniper, IP Addressing/Subnetting, TCP, IP, UDP, HTTP, OSI Model, VOIP, DNS, PCI, IDS, IPS, BGP, EIGRP, OSFP, IS-IS, Cisco Devices, Firewalls, SCCM, Antivirus, IPsec, Metasploit, Encryption, Endpoint Protection, Antivirus Software, Technical Documentation, Security Regulations, Service Now, Printer Setup, Desktop Setup, Laptop Setup, Mobile Device Setup, Imaging Hard Drives, VPN, IGMP, VLAN, routing, DHCP, LAN, WAN, MAN, PAN, WLAN, WAP, NAS, SAN, Device Drivers, routers, switches, Wi-Fi, OSI, SNMP, MPLS, DS3, DS1, T1, T3, STP, SSL/TLS, VoIP, Network concepts, troubleshooting and security.
Website Design:
Teamed with 4 students to designed a business, appointed to construct website for the business (Pace Depot). Partnered with an IT student to engineer a website for a business using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (SSFREAKS).
Created website during my graduate course for web development.
(Private Company) July 2020 - Current Information Technology Intern
− Primarily provide technical support in key systems used in the financial services industry − Assist with special project rollouts, upgrades, and systems maintenance − Review products and conduct features testing − Assist and learn networking basics, and Active Directory Management − Work with Office 365 and other cloud systems
NBC Sports September 2019 – May 2020 Information Technology Intern:
− Investigate and analyze 4-6 computers weekly for software troubleshooting and equipment issues. − Coordinate in ongoing projects (Service Now) for user migrations and software installation, 4-5 clients at a time. − Committed to projects related to IT infrastructure for upcoming sporting events as assigned. − Configured at least 25 devices weekly for newly on-boarded employees with corporate procedures.
cxLoyalty Network Engineer Intern June - August 2019:
− Updated the network’s inventory of (30 circuit devices) via tools and Excel (ServiceNow, PCI documentation, IP Addressing). − Configured and upgrade more than 10 network devices - Cisco and other manufacturers (Firewalls, Routers, Switches). − Monitored and regulated 100+ Network change tickets with ACL processing within the department and Project Managers. − Configure, upgrade, and troubleshoot Enterprise Wireless (Cisco Prime Infrastructure, Access Points, and Controllers). Greenwich, CT July 2020 – Current
Pace University IT Support Specialist February 2018 – May 2020
− Conduct image back-ups and image deployments and prepare open source software and services of more than 100 computers. − Analyze and resolve issues with 20 user’s hardware and software problems and potential risks on PC’s and Mac’s. − Manage 40-100 technical documentation through help desk tickets weekly with faculty, staff members and students. − Attend technical training every 3 months throughout the fiscal year.
Grasshopper NYC, Inc. IT Operations Technician May 2019 – June 2019:
− Support the day-to-day technical operations of a new bank, ranging from mobile devices to workstations. − Support Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and Development Operations, Corporate Systems, Production, and Security Operations across the bank.
I just need some insight on my career right now, open to critique too.
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2020.09.28 01:22 minnesotatrans A Sample of a planned book on part of the history of TNA

Hey. So I got bored this weekend; and I wrote a little bit on TNA. Please let me know what you think.

In the early-2000's, when the only major wrestling company in the United States was the WWE (then WWF before May 2002), many independent wrestling companies attempted to fill the gaps that the end of WCW and ECW created. Some, such as ROH, are still in existence today. The one that I intend to write about is of Impact Wrestling, known as TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) for many years. Here is a company that prided itself on being an alternative to the sports-entertainment style of the WWE. Innovations such as the X-Division and Knockouts made TNA known by many wrestling fans. However, in the long-run, the incompetence of many (from the owner to the creative team to older wrestlers) led to TNA becoming a shell of what it could have been. The purpose of this book is to offer an account of the history of Impact Wrestling from 2002 through 2015. The book will aim to offer readers a week-by-week account of what turned TNA Impact Wrestling from a show with potential, into a trainwreck that became almost comedic. Moments, such as booking Hulk Hogan over young talent such as Samoa Joe, is what kept TNA from becoming a major competitor with the WWE; and this book aims at explaining the issues to the reader. 
Chapter One: 2002
In March of 2001, World Championship Wrestling (WCW), the chief rival of WWF since 1988, was bought by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) for a couple of million. WCW, a company that was once capable of sell over 40,000 seats by hyping only one match in 1998; and was valued at hundreds of millions by SFX Entertainment in 1999/2000, collapsed in sales and attendance in record time (to selling less than 5,000 paid at their flagship Pay Per View events) . Fans, craving cruiserweight action, would be unable to find a cruiserweight program in the WWF until 2002. Fans, looking for marquee matches between superstars such as Sting and Bill Goldberg would have to wait, sometimes (in the case of Sting) for over a decade. At the time, the (then) WWF in 2001 tried an invasion angle to enact matchups between WWF and WCW and ECW superstars. Sadly, the invasion angle failed due to a combination of bad booking and egos, meaning that millions of potential dollars were lost by November of 2001. Instead of WCW having its’ own show whilst showcasing new talent, the battle was between McMahon (Vince and Linda) vs. McMahon (Shane and Stephanie). For reference, in January of 2001, WWF RAW generated a 5.6 rating. In February of 2002, that number would sink in 4.4. WWE would attempt to recover by hiring more superstars from WCW, such as “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Kevin Nash. None of these would raise ratings back to their peak. Fans turned off because they were alienated by the product. Something or someone had to occur in order to bring an alternate product to the fans. Enter Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett is part of a family of wrestling talent. Jeff’s father, Jerry, ran the Continental Wrestling Association for years in the late 1970’s through 1980’s, featuring such talent as Jimmy Hart and Jerry “the King” Lawler. The CWA received attention when Andy Kaufman, a comedian, stepped into the ring against Jerry Lawler. The CWA was a hot commodity in the mid-southern United States, with CWA’s wrestling shows generating high ratings and high attendance at the Mid-South Coliseum. In 2001, when WCW was on its’ death bed, Jerry Jarrett planned on purchasing the company whilst cutting costs by a significant amount. However, this would be pushed away by Vince McMahon and his quest for owning WCW. Jeff Jarrett, in the 90’s, before 2000, was a moderately successful wrestler. Flip-flopping between WCW and the WWF, Jarrett won the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship, the WWF World Tag Team Championship, the WWF European Championship, and the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Jeff was briefly a Four Horseman member, and wrestled at both WCW Starrcade and WWF WrestleMania. But Jeff could not break the glass ceiling, and was often placed in the midcard. That all changed towards late-1999. Jarrett was both a European and Intercontinental champion, hitting women with guitars. Things were looking good for Jeff until WWF No Mercy 1999. Jeff was scheduled to face off against Chyna, a woman’s wrestler, for the Intercontinental championship. But there was one issue that the WWF had neglected: the fact that Jarrett’s contract ran out right before his upcoming match against Chyna for the Intercontinental Championship. As champion, Jarrett knew that he could have walked out with the belt and skipped dropping his title to Chyna. Eventually, an agreement was made: Jeff could leave the WWF after dropping the belt to Chyna. Jeff Jarrett was also paid a six-figure bonus before he left. Once in WCW, Jeff Jarrett became a main eventer. Jarrett won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship four times, Jarrett was back home with his friend, Vince Russo. There was just one problem, however, WCW was falling apart at a record pace. Going from gaining $50 million in profit for 1998, WCW lost $62 million in 2000. Due to this massive loss, AOL-Time Warner did not believe that WCW was a suitable program for its’ TV; so in March of 2001, WCW was bought out by Vince McMahon. McMahon, mocking Jeff Jarrett’s saying, said that he was, "Capital G, Double-O, Double-N, Double-E – GOONNEE!” In other words, Jarrett was no longer welcome in the WWF. During a fishing trip with Jeff Jarrett, his father, and Bob Ryder, TNA at this time advertised itself as a family-friendly version of wrestling, concentrating on the moves rather than the gimmick. Looking at the early superstars, however, will show otherwise. The Rainbow Express was a group of gay heels, which were mocked by the Southern Fans. The Johnsons (Dick and Rod) were wrestlers who dressed up like penises. Dupps, with an incest gimmick, created the “Dupp Cup,” where people competed in. One would earn points in the Dupp Cup for, among other things, using a farm animal as a weapon, throwing someone through a table; and one could lose points for crying. None of this made sense; and curious fans who were willing to watch a PPV were alienated by the Dupp Cup. Other characters included the “Hot Shots,” which inserted items into their crotch and said, “we’re pricks, we are proud, and we are protruding.” This tag team died out pretty quickly. Another character that stunk up the upstart promotion was Puppet the Midget Killer, a midget who called himself a dwarf. His purpose on earth was to kill midgets and masturbate in a trash can, offering his “porridge” to an interviewer. Cheex, an obese wrestler, broke the ring prior to the first PPV and then nearly killed another wrestler, leading to Cheex’s termination in record time. Among other tasteless acts, Don Harris came to the ring once whilst wearing a Nazi symbol on his shirt. This was grounds for a brief suspension; but when Don Harris came back to TNA, he had Nazi symbols on his arms. Eventually, Ron Killings cut a promo on Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat. Prior to cutting a promo with Steamboat, it must be said that earlier on in TNA, Killings was in a pointless feud with NASCAR driver Hermie Sadler and Sterlin Marlin. Anyway, back to the promo. In the promo, Ron remarked that Ricky was never a main eventer in the WWF because of the fact that the WWF held Steamboat back. “The Intercontinental belt was always for a second-class citizen. Oh yes! Oh yes, Dragon, fifteen years later, they pulling the same shiznit on me. But you know what? I am tired, I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it. You know where I'm comin' from, Dragon - you've been there. You can change all of this. You can do it. You make the decisions. And for all of us - make the right one." Steamboat, no doubt influenced by Killings talk about the WWF being discriminatory against Killings, said that Killings would get a shot against Shamrock at the next pay-per-view. 
Chapter Two: 2003
The arrival of Vince Russo was a shocker for most fans (to the point where commentator Mike Tenay said “Oh Shit!”). To those familiar with WCW, he was the antichrist – the one that led to the death of WCW. Russo, through his efforts, turned TNA into a joke in the minds of many. 
Chapter Three: 2004
TNA would have a one-year deal with Fox Sports Network for Impact. Dixie Carter remarked that, “"Total Nonstop Action Wrestling has continued to grow and exceed expectations over our history. We are excited that this opportunity with FSN and Universal Studios Orlando will expose a wider range of viewers to our distinctive brand of professional wrestling” This would be perfect for any wrestling company, being able to hype their product on TV. Of course, this being TNA, the company would end up making several mistakes in the process that made the whole year on TV worthless. For starters, Impact would be shown Friday afternoons at three p.m., whilst most everybody was either ending their school day, or, at work. 
Chapter Four: 2005
2004 ended with questions. Could TNA maintain its’ slot on Fox Sports Net and introduce themselves to curious viewers? Could TNA Against All Odds had bizarre things happen in a three-hour period. NASCAR commentator (and someone who I have not heard of until writing this book) Jeff Hammond teaming up with 3 Live Kru. The show then continued with Abyss beating Jeff Hardy in a Full Metal Mayhem match when Jeff Hardy decided to kick some tables while Abyss retrieved a #1 contender’s contract (one that he would never cash in; and in fact would be lost to AJ Styles at Lockdown). The main event was Unbreakable featured a classic three-way battle between Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, and AJ Styles for the X-Division Championship. After twenty two minutes of highflying action, AJ Styles pinned Christopher Daniels and won the X-Division Championship. This match would be Dave Meltzer’s first (and only) five star match in the history of TNA. 
Chapter X: 2007
What was rumored, according to Scott Hall, was that he suffered from Food Poisoning and would be unable to team with Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe against Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, and Tomko. The match was nearly ruined. Given an open mic, Samoa Joe went to the ring; and before he announced the replacement for Scott Hall, Eric Young, Joe had a few words to say. “You know what, I’ll tell you what. Backstage, I was told to come out here and they said “Joe, the fans love you; and if there’s one thing they trust is you. And we want you to tell them that Scott Hall no-showed this event tonight… He punked out on me, and he punked on every single fan in this building tonight. And then it got me thinking, I was back there and I said “they just gave me a live mic on PPV”. I like to get a few things off my chest. Number one, in TNA, we have two types of wrestlers: we have TNA diehards who come here and entertain and bust their ass every night of the week. And we got Superstars who think they can come and do whatever they want, however they feel like it. We have superstars who come out here and not only screw us – the hardworking wrestlers of TNA – but they screw each and every fan who paid to see them no matter how old they are… TNA is the Motor City Machine Guns coming down here and busting their ass and trying to make a break in the business.” The words that came out of the mouth of Samoa Joe were accurate. The good chunk of TNA fans paid money to see Alex Shelly, Eric Young, Jay Lethal, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe. What they did not pay money to see was wrestlers who were limited in the ring 
Chapter X: 2009
Destination X was such a horrible PPV that Figure Four Weekly commentator Bryan Alvarez tried to get himself a refund from the PPV. Ironically, Christopher Daniels would get “fallen angel” chants on him while he dressed up and won as the wrestler Suicide. Victory Road 2009 was an awful PPV – and not just because of the Jenna Morasca vs. Sharmell match. The whole show featured botches, out-of place finishes, and what not. The show started off with a Tara vs. Angelina Love Knockouts Championship match that ended with Tara, who had been champion for only a couple of weeks, being pinned with her foot under the rope. The foot should have prevented the three-count, but the referee probably said to himself “this is TNA, who cares?” Matt Morgan vs. Daniels was a drawn out and boring affair, which is really saying something because Christopher Daniels is a great wrestler for his time. Dr. Stevie vs. Abyss became a No Disqualification match, made so that Abyss could overact with Dr. Stevie on a Taser shot. Then came the Jenna Morasca vs. Sharmell match. Jenna Morasca won Survivor years prior to the match; and she had hung out with the Main Event Mafia for some time. It is rumored that Jenna Morasca was given a HALF MILLION DOLLARS to appear a few times over a couple of months whilst wrestlers such as Taylor Wilde had to take second jobs just to make ends meet. 
Over the years, you probably have seen matches that you do not like. Regardless, these matches had some sort of redeeming element into it: perhaps the match was short; perhaps there was an exciting spot. This match was given a rare “minus five stars” by Bryan Alvarez. For many minutes, the Impact Zone saw slapping that did not connect, a lewd pin, and the fact that Morasca – with no wrestling experience and whose celebrity fame was from many years ago on a reality show – won the match.
A problem with TNA was the fact that the company cared little for its’ undercard and non-former WWE wrestlers. Take for example Jimmy Rave, a wrestler who was addicted to drugs during his time in TNA:
“my 2009 run, I was a complete drug addict to be honest. I didn't give a damn about wrestling because I just cared about scoring more pills and numbing myself. Which people probably could notice about what kind of shape I was in and how I looked and even my wrestling.”
Eventually, Rave was fired from TNA because creative had nothing for him to do. Rave went to rehab and cleaned himself up. TNA, however, had a significantly higher amount of trouble with their drug testing results. According to a Congressional Committee result in 2009, fifteen wrestlers tested positive for banned steroids. Wrestlers also tested positive for opiates and amphetamines, marijuana, and benzodiazepines. The sad thing about Jenna Morasca, more than the terrible match she had with Sharmell is the fact that she was paid more money single-handedly "I was working at Sunglass Hut at a mall in Mississauga, a job that could be maintained by a monkey, so standing around for six hours earning minimum wage wasn’t the issue. But after serving this one customer for an extended period of time he ever so politely uttered, ‘Aren’t you the TNA Woman’s Knockout Champion?’ I handed in my resignation that day." (1) Wrestlers, unlike many sports stars, are independent contractors. Said wrestlers must pay for their own travels, be it on a bus or plane. Wrestlers also have to pay for their health insurance. Wrestlers are lucky if they get retirement benefits. Only in rare instances, such as WCW in the 90’s, are wrestlers given guaranteed contracts. It is the opinion of the author of this book that no wrestler in a major wrestling company should have to pay for their own living expenses or health insurance as long as they are wrestling for said company. 
Chapter X: 2010
2010 began with optimism for TNA. Hulk Hogan, arguably the most recognized name in professional wrestling, was set to debut on the January 4 edition of Impact. There would be no competition that week; so TNA would try to put on a home-run performance that would lead to future prosperity for TNA. In fact, the resulting move to Monday nearly killed TNA. The show opened with a Steel Asylum match. The rules of a Steel Asylum match are basically the same as a cage match; but the area to escape the cage would be reduced to a small hole on top of the middle of the cage. Because the steel was red, it was difficult for viewers both home and at the arena to see what the match was. Somehow, the match ended in a “no contest,” leading to chants of “This is Bullshit.” What a way to start your debut on Monday nights! 
Jeff Hardy decided to return for the first time since 2006 without any prior hype. The return of a wrestler who was world champion in the WWE just six months prior could have increased PPV buyrates, or, at the least popped a rating on TV. Instead, he (Hardy) just showed up and hit Homicide with a chair.
Then we have Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. The two were hyped as the saviors of TNA. Ironically, fifteen years earlier, these same two men innovated wrestling with the creation of Monday Nitro; but that was the catch: fifteen years ago they were creative. The problem with these two former superstars was that they believed that by imitating 1995 wrestling that they would generate ratings. But through a combination of sheer incompetence (pushing the same few wrestlers for years for years) and get-rich quick schemes (by doing stupid matches on TV that could have popped a buyrate on PPV), the two were cast out of WCW, and the company they ran would go in the toilet. Dixie Carter, knowing this presumably, did not have to hire Hogan and Bischoff to run the company. Oh, Dixie.
When Bischoff cut a promo, he asked SoCal Val to give him the script for the night. Eric then proceeded to rip up the script and throw it into the crowd, giving himself a new script in the process. What the crowd did not know was that the script ripped and thrown into the crowd was a real script; so security had to retrieve the script pieces from the crowd. Why on earth would Bischoff do a stupid thing is beyond my comprehension.
On the November 18th edition of TNA ReAction, Hulk Hogan decided to (as a work) break kayfabe and ramble about how things would change. "No wonder this company was in the shape it's in. It's time to get rid of the trash, the garbage, the worthless piece of crap out here, and we started with Dixie Carter. Yeah, we're gettin' very real around here. We are so, real, it's unbelievable. Because, if you don't get over like I said, you're fired. If you don't draw numbers, if you don't entertain, if you don't put asses in seats, if you don't put the coinage in the piggy bank, you're fired. No more games. No more, "Kayfabe." "It's a work." "I've won thirty-four tag team belts." Who gives a damn, how many fake belts you won. If you don't draw money, you get fired around here. If you don't put asses in seats, you’re gone." (1) Hogan’s idea was that only people who were marketable would stick around in TNA. The problem was that many wrestlers, who had in-ring talent, were ignored compared to the same-old-same-old of Hogan. 
Chapter X: 2011
In many ways, TNA in 2010 was a disaster for the company. Despite possessing numerous talent that could have led to a respectable look for the company, the booking led by Dixie Carter, Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo, and Hulk Hogan, led to TNA declining in fan base. Mr. Anderson And what about Kevin Nash and Booker T? They re-entered the WWE during their Royal Rumble to a massive Pop. There was a match between Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett with the stipulation being that if Kurt won his match, he would be able to regain custody of his children. Of course, Jeff beat Kurt clean in the middle of the ring, putting an end to that feud. After the match, four months after Angle hinted retirement, Kurt left his boots in the ring as a sign that he was done. The show ended with a terrible Hardy vs. Anderson ladder match for Anderson’s world title. Despite facing a ton of drug issues – and despite there being a world title change just a few weeks earlier – the decision was made to give Hardy the World Title back. Victory Road 2011 has been hailed by many wrestling fans as one of the worst wrestling events in the history of professional wrestling. For the 17,000 people (1) that bought the show, they bought what had been voted later by Wrestling Observer fans as the worst wrestling event of 2011. The show started off with a falls count anywhere match between Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer. Both were past their prime; and the match showed. TNA believed that Bully Ray in the 69 position with a blowup doll would attract PPV viewers. The TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Title match between Rosita and Sarita vs. Angelina Love and Winter was so bad (due to chaotic run-ins) that it was rated negative three stars by Bryan Alvarez. In a first blood match between Hernandez and Matt Morgan, Hernandez was caught bleeding himself; yet he still won by throwing blood onto Matt Morgan. The fans were pissed. 

Then the main event occurred. Jeff Hardy, who has had numerous problems with drugs, came out to the ring in the infamous no condition to perform state. When seeing Hardy in this mess, the referee lifted up the X sign whilst Eric Bischoff came out and told TNA World Champion Sting to end the match as quickly as possible. The match lasted about a minute-and-a-half. Sting hooked Hardy up for a pin and easily won. The fans, who were, whilst not expecting a five-star match, expecting a decent fight, chanted “bullshit.” Sting, understanding the issues with the audience, said, “I agree,” The show ended with a recap of the event, as if TNA fans wanted to see the monstrosity of Sting vs. Jeff Hardy. TNA offered six month of free on-demand; but TNA was comically missing the point. To the 17,000 the purchased the pay-per-view event, they were appalled that the company would allow an intoxicated wrestler compete under a “no condition to perform state” 

During the agreement, it was alleged that Billy Corgan offered to loan money to TNA and Dixie Carter in exchange for becoming President of the company. As part of the loan, Dixie pledged all of her interest into the loan, meaning that if she defaulted on loan payments, Corgan would then own TNA. TNA’s liabilities (such as debt) were more than their assets, according to Corgan, and so a lawsuit was filed. Before the lawsuit, Dixie told the remaining wrestlers that the WWE was in the hunt to purchase TNA and its’ video library. "On Oct. 12, 2016, Corgan notified defendants that he was exercising his right, as holder of (Carter's) voting rights in Impact Ventures, to remove all of the managers of Impact Ventures and replace them with Corgan's designees." In January of 2017, while the lawsuit from Billy Corgan and the implication of being bought by WWE was on the minds of many TNA officials, Anthem Sports made the announcement: they had officially bought TNA. Anthem Sports is a Canadian-media company that specializes in Sports Broadcasting, having purchased companies such as AXS TV and Fight Network. "We are thrilled to have acquired TNA Impact Wrestling," Anthem Sports and Entertainment Corp. Executive Vice President Ed Norholm said. "As we grow Anthem's linear, digital and mobile platforms globally, top tier content with global appeal is key to that success and this acquisition is a perfect strategic addition to our portfolio." Yes, to consider TNA a “top tier content” with Sharmell and Jenna Morasca outweighing action on WWE NXT or AEW Dynamite. 
"Anthem has been a great partner for many years," Carter said. "We have worked hard to find the right company who would acquire TNA, use its strategic influence and have a long-term commitment to the brand."
Wait a few years and see how top-tier TNA becomes.
TNA, in the past eighteen years of existence, has developed wrestling angles that rival WCW’s in the late-90’s and early-2000’s. On one hand, TNA revolutionized the industry with the X-Division, having high flyers jump on and above the ropes trying to catch the X-Division Championship.
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2020.09.28 01:12 ThrowRAsplit Splitting living expenses with big income differences, helpp

Hello there, I’m not a native speaker, on mobile, first time poster and its late, so sorry in advance for any errors.
We recently started talking about how living expenses should be splitted and we got into an argument because we obviously have different opinions.
A little backstory: So I 22(f) make significantly less than my partner 33(m) of 4 years. We met as roommates and have been living together since. I had a “minijob” (10h/week) while studying, but obviously never made much (about 450€/mo), so I only paid half the rent (400) and he covered everything else (food, utilies, going out). This was fine for us since we both agreed that I just wasn’t at that point in my life yet because I’m so much younger.
So I finally will be starting a full time (40h/week) apprenticeship in my field of work. The pay is about 1300€/mo. My partner makes about 3700€/mo. I always kinda assumed that we would split the rent in percentage according to our income (3700=74%, 1300=26%) once I started working. My income will increase to at least 2500€ after 2 years so the differences won’t stay that extreme. But my partner is set on the idea of splitting it 50/50 which would mean I’d have to spend approx. 900€ on rent+utilities alone (we will move to another city) which I think is unfair as it would be over 2/3 of my income. Thing is, that our recurring expenses are mainly that high because he is not willing to lower his living standarts. His reasoning is, that he has a demanding job that comes with long working hours (50-70h/week) so he should not have to pay more since he only earns that much because he works so much more. Now he’s pissed and says that he paid significantly more for four years and now that I’m able to I should just pay half even if it means that I still won’t have any money to spend on myself, even though I work full time now. I know that in my current mindset I would get bitter in the next 2 years just watching him spend his money lavishly without thinking twice and me sitting there counting my cents.
Am I just being a stingy/greedy unfair bitch or are his expectations unrealistic? Have any of you been in situations with high income differences and how did you manage this stuff?
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2020.09.28 00:56 GGR_Jake I made a website for you to use and edit!

I made a website with html and css for you to use as a website with a featured video and a paragraph or two about your channel. It makes your page look more professional and can give you a quick way to send people info on your channel.
I wanted to post the link for the files here but auto mod keeps removing drop box links so instead dm me and I will send the files to you including instructions for editing images, the featured video, and all the colors and what not.
Here are a few images of the site it is responsive to mobile and desktop views. It is simple, but a nice way to summarize your channel and look a lot more professional to partners :) Enjoy and dont hesitate to ask any questions!
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2020.09.28 00:38 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in WY Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
The Home Depot Customer Service/Sales Wyarno
Engineering Associates Project Manager with a PE (Saratoga) / Civil Engineering Technician (Cody) Cody
Corrhealth Lpn Cheyenne
May Trucking Company Drivers - Mileage Bonus! Chugwater
May Trucking Class A CDL Company Drivers - New Pay Packages & Sign-on Bonus Cottonwood School
May Trucking CLASS A CDL Truck Driver - You work, We pay, Guaranteed! Cottonwood School
Impact Health Lpn Lost Springs
Impact Health Lpn Lovell
Meadow Lark Transport CDL Class A OTR Company Driver - Dry Van Green River
Meadow Lark Transport CDL Class A OTR Company Driver - Dry Van Laramie
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol Agent Natrona County
Transport Designs Inc OTR CDL A Dry Van Truck Drivers - Flexible Home Time Casper
CRST International CDL-A Owner Operator Truck Driver Gillette
Med Travelers Travel Medical Lab Tech - $1,625 per week Gillette
Transport Designs Inc OTR CDL A Dry Van Truck Drivers - Flexible Home Time Gillette
Advanced Medical Speech Pathologist - SLP Lander
CRST International CDL-A Owner Operator Truck Driver Laramie
CRST International CDL-A Owner Operator Truck Driver Rock Springs
Grant Trucking Class A CDL - Truck Drivers Rock Springs
CompHealth Physician: Locums Opportunity in WY for Critical Care Physician JOB-2614277 Casper
General Healthcare Resources - Travel Nursing Travel Nurse - ER RN - Laramie, WY Laramie
Engineering Associates Project Manager with a PE (Saratoga) / Civil Engineering Technician (Cody) Saratoga
Engineering Associates Project Manager With A Pe Saratoga Civil Engineering Technician Cody - Engineering Associates Cody
Jobble - Engineering Associates Project Manager With A Pe Saratoga Civil Engineering Technician Cody Cody
Mvv Lines Inc OTR CDL A Truck Driver - Make Up To $2,500 Weekly Gillette
Schneider Class A CDL - Regional Truck Driver Kaycee
TherapyFly Travel Therapy Travel Speech Language Pathologist - $1,653 per week Lander
TherapyFly Travel Therapy Travel Speech Language Pathologist - $1,228 per week Rawlins
Med Travelers Travel Speech Language Pathologist - $1,700 per week Rawlins
Club Staffing Travel Speech Language Pathologist - $1,700 per week Rawlins
TherapyFly Travel Therapy Travel Physical Therapist - $1,134 per week Rawlins
Club Staffing Travel Speech Language Pathologist - $1,700 per week Rock Springs
Med Travelers Travel Speech Language Pathologist - $1,700 per week Rock Springs
Cross Country Nurses RN / Medical Surgical Worland
Cross Country Nurses RN / Intensive Care Unit Worland
Army National Guard Infantryman - Management Training Afton
Family Dollar Stores, Inc. Assistant Store Manager Alpine
Nomad Health Medical - Surgical Travel Nurse RN - $43/hour Arapahoe
American Mobile Healthcare Travel Nurse RN - ED - Emergency Department - $1,656 per week Basin
CareStaff Partners Temp/Travel -Registered Nurse (RN) ER (NIGHT) Basin
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in wy. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.28 00:10 Georgie_mama Feeling down- feeling more pregnant than I am

Hi everyone, FTM, first time posting. It's been really helpful for me to read what other people are going through and I just am feeling down rn because I'm only 18+3 but I feel like my mobility is as limited as if I was much further along.
I have had severe round ligament pain since about week 9. It faded for a little bit weeks 14-16 but I just feel kind of hopeless now. It's hard for me to move around, walking slow is my only option and sharp/sudden movements, or even some slow movements cause extreme pain. I feel like i should be late in my third trimester with how much difficulty I have getting around. I feel old and infirm and gross and I'm scared I'm hurting my baby by not moving that much. Literally the only time it doesn't bother me is when I'm in the bath. I'm worried it won't stop after i give birth and I'll be like this forever. Also even though I've only gained three lbs I started my pregnancy overweight (5'6", 207) and I failed my first glucose test and I'm waiting on the results of my 3 hour test and I just feel like a fat, sloppy failure.
My partner is loving and sweet and always gives me positive affirmations, i feel bad being so useless and boring. Also I gave notice at work this week because I have an incredibly high stress job and I was working 50-60 hours weeks (I know some gals are working much more and in important fields, I am in awe of you!) and was constantly exhausted and I'm scared because I've never not worked before and I feel really weird that I won't be bringing any money in.
Sorry for the long rant, it just all feels like a lot right now. Anybody feeling the same way?
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2020.09.28 00:10 helpmewithschoolplz Mask-Making Event!

Mask-Making Event!
Student Hospital Connections (SHC) and Buzz Mobile Health (BMH) have partnered up to make and distribute masks to Atlanta’s underserved community!
Stop by our socially distanced, contactless pick-up stations on September 28th or September 29th from 10 AM to 6 PM located at Couch Park, in front of Brittain Dining Hall, and on Skiles Walkway to grab your mask-making kit!
Each kit is free and will include instructions and all the supplies you will need to make masks. You are welcome to make as many masks as you want, bring friends along with you to pick up kits or pick up kits for your friends!
On October 12th or October 13th, stop by our socially distanced drop-off stations (same locations as pick up) to drop off all your masks and any leftover supplies you have!
This is a great way to give back to your Atlanta community while also staying safe! Please note that each station will be monitored by a trained SHC or BMH member to make sure that CDC guidelines are being followed at all times during the kit distribution.
We look forward to seeing you!
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2020.09.27 23:49 blippyz Opt out of Yahoo Mail selling your recovery phone number to advertisers?

I have an old Yahoo Mail account that I still use for some miscellaneous signups and things, and when signing in just now there was a prompt to add a phone number, designated as "required" and for the purpose of "improving your account security."
However there was also smaller text right under it stating "your email and mobile number will be used by us and our partners to deliver relevant content and advertising" (which seems to translate into "we're going to sell any private info you give us").
Does anyone know if there is a way to opt out of this, or do you just have to use a burner number / burner email as recovery methods? (usually prefer not to use burner numbers as recovery on accounts I don't want to lose, as it means I have to keep maintaining that burner number)
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2020.09.27 21:31 loscabostours Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tour

In our Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling TourDiscover in our small group the underwater world of Lands’ end and Pelicans Rock. Jacque Cousteau, the Inventor of Diving and world-famous Ocean Explorer, described the Sea of Cortes as the Aquarium of the World with an enormous variety in species of Tropical Fish and unprecedented Ocean Flora and Fauna. In our Cabo San Lucas Snorkel Tour dive in and snorkel inside the aquarium of the world discovering many types of colorful Tropical Fish and Marine Life. In our Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tour you will be accompanied and kept safe always by an experienced and certified Snorkel Guide that will take Incredible Underwater Photos for you without extra charge. If you are looking for a Los Cabos Snorkeling Tour Experience this is Your best option. This very popular Experience is of Incredible value, it includes roundtrip transportation, boat ride, snorkel gear, Free Photo CD, Free Souvenir Snorkel Tube, Certified Guides, free beach time or shopping time after your snorkel adventure, bottled water, a delightful Box Lunch for the in between hunger and incredible memories that you can share on Social Media with your loved ones, all included in this Fantastic Adventure.

The five best snorkeling tips: All it takes is to follow simple tips to be snorkeling like a pro!

  1. Find the perfect fit for your mask
First things first – fit the mask over your eyes and strap the elastic over your head. Make sure there are no twists and that the straps are flat above your ears. Don’t wear your mask strap at the base of your head as the mask can slip out of place and cause water to seep in. The mask strap should fit snugly around the widest area of your head. This is one of the most important tips for snorkeling to remember. There are ways to ensure your mask fits your face properly before heading out. Press the mask to your face and breathe in through your nose slightly. If the mask fits snuggly to your face once you let go, that’s a sure sign you’ve found the right size, but don’t fasten it too tightly to your face either. A mask that is too tight can cause a headache, or general discomfort, and besides, the pressure on the mask once you hit the water helps it to stay in place. Keep in mind that mustaches and hair can also get in the way of proper fitting of a snorkeling mask. Brush your hair away and out of your face to avoid leakages, which can be slow and steady. The ‘mask test’ is important because it helps to ensure water will not leak in while you’re snorkeling. Our Snorkel Guide will assist you in the process.
  1. Defog your mask with baby shampoo or defogging gel
Defogging your mask is perhaps the single most important skill to know as a beginner – the condition of your mask can make or break your experience. Most skilled snorkelers recommend baby shampoo as a defogging solution. There are also gels which are often sold at resort or dive shops which work well to keep your mask from getting fogged up. Remember, when snorkeling, optimum visibility is key. Defogging solutions work by creating a layer between the air moisture in your mask (your breath) and the glass of the mask itself. Our snorkeling Guide has taken care of the defogging for all of our participants and Snorkel Masks.
  1. Get excess water out of your mask when needed
One of the most important things to learn about snorkeling is how to get water out of your mask. It is better to learn this before getting into the water. There are various techniques to keep your snorkeling mask from getting filled with water, although it is completely possible to clear the excess water from your mask under water if you wish. Remember, if your mask fills up with water, don’t panic. You can always surface to get the water out.If you’re in a situation where you’ve spotted something amazing and don’t want to risk losing sight of it, you’ll need to learn how to quickly clear your mask under water. To get the water out, pull the bottom of the mask away from your face and blow outward. Keep your breathing normal, make sure you’re comfortable and relax. Before you submerge again, check if your mask is leaking. Always make sure that your mask is fitted properly!
  1. Preserve energy with full-foot fins
There’s no question that fins add to under water mobility making the experience a more dynamic one. Newbie snorkelers will find themselves having to choose from full-foot or adjustable fins. Full-foot fins are often the recommended choice for beginners; ensure you find the right fit before you set out. Steer clear from fins that are too tight, too loose, or too painful. Once your fins are on securely, slide into the shallow end of your practice pool, or do the ‘moon walk’ carefully across the sand into the ocean to an area where water is waist deep. It’s always a good idea to go for a trial run before making the rounds underwater. Our Snorkel Guide will make sure you have the correct Fins for your underwater Adventure.
  1. Take deep focused breaths to help yourself relax
Deep breathing is the key to life… or at least it is when scuba diving or snorkeling. Breathing can be limited through a snorkeling tube, so it’s important to take deep focused breaths, which can help you relax.

Do and Not to do for first time snorkelers

Don’t touch the coral. Coral is a living organism – don’t stand on them, and try to look down while you’re trashing about to stay afloat to ensure you’re not kicking anything you shouldn’t be. Also, try to avoid standing on any rocks. What you perceive as a rock, may actually be a vulnerable underwater organism.
Use biodegradable sunscreen – it’s better for the eco system. The National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science have listed oxybenzone and octinoxate, two ingredients commonly found in sunscreen, as harmful to coral reefs and sea life. Sun screen chemicals such as these can contribute to coral bleaching. Other potentially harmful ingredients to watch out for are PABA, octocrylene, avobenzone, homosalate, 4-methylbenzylidene camphor or butylparaben (a preservative). In general, steer clear from sunscreens which contain oils and potentially harmful chemicals.
Don’t interfere with the sea creatures or other marine life as this could be hazardous. Some species are poisonous, and some may react defensively causing injury to you, or to themselves.
Respect other people’s personal space – even underwater. As excited as you may be, and as much as you might want to reach out to the person next to you to ensure they see the spectacular lion fish just sailing by, not everyone appreciates the intrusion.
Don’t feed the fish – they’re quite alright without your help. Doing so can throw off the natural balance of things. To share is to care, but interfering can cause problems in the long run.
Practice reef etiquette. Snorkeling is great for acquiring knowledge on marine life, so take in the sights and sounds. Make mental notes for later.
Don’t take anything home with you – that goes for starfish, sand dollars, coral fragment (even if they appear dead), sea urchins or shells. It is illegal in some places to acquire conch or lobster while diving. Penalties are stiff for people caught doing so, so avoid this at all costs.

Safety Precautions for Snorkeling

Important: Accidents are avoidable if you stay alert and informed.
It can be hard to find accurate tips for snorkeling that don’t scare you out of getting into the water, but it is important to be informed. Most of the dangers of snorkeling have to do with people not following the rules. This can be you, or others around you, but it pays to stay alert.
Always wear a life vest, listen to your guide, and you will have an awesome time."
Pay attention – Photos and videos are all well and good, but try to avoid doing this during safety instruction sessions. It is important to create memories but it is more critical to be safe. Your Snorkel guide will take plenty of Go Pro Photos of your adventure and the Photos are included.
Use safety equipment – It is highly recommended that all snorkelers use floatation devices. Inflatable vests for example, aren’t only for people who don’t know how to swim – they can save your life if you get tired. Some vests come with features that allow them to be inflated by mouth for added buoyancy. There is also a release valve which allows snorkelers to dive to the bottom to get a closer look at fish and other marine life.
Never snorkel alone – Having a partner is recommended for beginners, and even advanced snorkelers. A snorkeling buddy enriches the experience – they’re also right next to you if something goes wrong. Your Guide and safety crew is also pending.
Look but don’t touch – Think of your experience as a virtual tour. Don’t touch the marine life, and definitely don’t try to take anything home with you.
No sinking, swimming only – Basic but formal swimming lessons may be necessary to make the most of your snorkeling experience. Floatation devices like inflatable vests are recommended. Water noodles can also be a fun floatation device for snorkeling in an informal setting.
Know your equipment – Practice in a swimming pool if necessary, as practicing beforehand with your equipment helps build up your confidence. If you don’t have access to a pool, somewhere shallow with calm water is good for practice as well.
Weather conditions matter – Check the weather forecast before heading out. Optimal conditions for snorkeling are calm, smooth seas. Keep in mind that as the hours go by, weather patterns may change. Even with sunny predictions, it’s important to check for yourself whether waters are conducive for snorkeling. If you take a break for lunch, ensure that waters are conducive before resuming your snorkeling session. Our Snorkel guide and entire crew and office are pending about the sea conditions, if deemed no appropriate or dangerous we advise you prior to your Tour and change the day.
Know your location – Learn as much as you can about your snorkeling destination. During your snorkeling tour be sure to come up for air frequency to see what’s happening around you. This can also help you keep track of your location as tides can pull you out to sea. Watch your surroundings and ensure there’s not a lot of wave action. Follow all safety regulations, and be vigilant. Your Snorkeling guide will also be pending and accompany you.
Know your limits – Once you get out into the ocean, remember; it’s important not to over extend yourself. It’s a new experience; take it one step at a time. Some first-timers have reported not finishing the snorkeling course as a result of being too overwhelmed. If you are too tired to finish, or just don’t feel comfortable, indicate that to your tour guide. If you’re on a private trip with a snorkeling buddy and feel tired, let them know and make your way back to the boat together.
Undersea dangers – The scariest things to look out for include sharks of barracudas, but at Pelicans Rock it is unlikely you will encounter any of these. Find out more about the commonly spotted wildlife before choosing a location. Other potential dangers include lion fish, an invasive predatory species form the Indo-pacific, and jellyfish. Lion fish are usually harmless and sting only in defensive situations. They can appear scary to first timers, and they have venomous spines which can be dangerous if you get too close. Jellyfish on the other hand travel frequently in schools. Stings can cause small itchy welts. Large jellyfish tend to be more dangerous but are not commonly spotted on snorkeling expeditions.
Secure your belongings – Whether you leave your personal items on a boat or on the beach, ensure your belongings are in good hands. Most resorts will let you leave these in the dive shop, or in a safe location on the boat. It is best to keep valuables at the Hotel and inside Your safety Deposit Box!
Why this Los Cabos Snorkeling Tour and not another?
  1. Free Roundtrip Transportation Included
  2. Free Photos (Value of 50 to 80 Usd with other Snorkeling Tour Providers)
  3. Free Souvenir Snorkeling Tube, Not sharing with others
  4. Professional and dedicated Snorkeling Guide
  5. The Location for Snorkeling
  6. Shopping and free time included
  7. Flexible Returns
  8. Unbeatable Value and Inclusions
  9. Safety, Quality and Service
What may I see during my Snorkeling Tour?
  1. Sea Turtles
  2. Surgeon Fish
  3. Parrot Fish
  4. Angel Fish
  5. Moorish idols
  6. Rays
  7. Sea Lions are very close by and chances are also good
  8. Other rare species of Tropical Colorful Fish
How is the Visibility at Pelicans Rock?
With shallow waters and great Sunshine visibility is Fantastic almost throughout the entire year. Its almost like diving into a well kept Aquarium.
Do I need to be an expert to participate in this Snorkeling Tour in Cabo?
No need to be an expert for this Los Cabos Snorkeling Adventure. there are a number of reasons for this;
  1. Swim Vests that keep you floating
  2. A professional Snorkel Tour Guide that takes you by the hand if needed
  3. Safety and support everywhere
  4. If the Sea conditions are rough the Tour gets suspended, it almost never happens though.
  5. Experienced Snorkelers and guides to assist whenever needed
  6. Boats just right outside the Snorkeling area are waiting for people
How are the Water Temperatures throughout the Year? Is it cold?
68 Degress is the coldest reported water temperature in Los cabos usually during January and Febreruary. In the summer month it goes up to 86 Degrease. For the locals the 68 degrees may be on the cooler side, but for anyone else that come from colder climates is almost bath tub water.
Are there any dangerous Animals that I have to worry about?
Fortunatley you have not be worried about any dangers on behalf of Animal Life in that Snorkeling Spot. No sharks or other potential dangerous Animals are at Pelicans Rock.
Additional Information about The Los Cabos Arch and Pelicans Rock.
Located off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Pelican Rock features dramatic rock formations and a small, gravelly beach that’s often crowded with snorkelers, swimmers, scuba divers, and cliff jumpers. This protected spot at Land’s End is famous for its abundant wildlife, both above and below the ocean’s surface, and popular with Los Cabos snorkeling tours. Once you’re in the pristine marine meadow, strap on a snorkeling mask to take in the incredible submarine views. Eye the sea lions or the fish, count the flashes of tropical color, or perhaps discover a new species in the mix.
Pelican Rock is only reachable by boat, and most visitors arrive as part of a guided snorkeling or kayaking tour, in your Excursion a visit to other must-see Land’s End attractions, such as the Arch of Cabo San Lucas (El Arco), Lover’s Beach, Medano Beach, and the area’s resident sea lion colony are included. We suggest the early hour time to avoid larger crowds.
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2020.09.27 20:14 freespinsmobile Casino Cruise 55 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus (Register Now)

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Casino Cruise Games

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2020.09.27 19:24 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in Denver Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
US Navy Military Intelligence Denver
Western Union Western Union: Group Leader, Product Denver
Transport Designs Inc Transport Designs Inc: Otr Cdl A Dry Van Truck Drivers - Competitive Pay And Great Benefits Denver
Descartes Systems Group Software Developer Denver
AppleOne Administrative Assistant Denver
Holder Construction Holder Construction: Mep Coordinator Denver
International School of Immersion International School of Immersion: Principal Of Ece Dual Immersion Denver
TRC Companies, Inc. Resident Engineer - Transportation Denver
ALSAC ALSAC: Territory Leader - Mountain & Plains Territory Denver
Promoveo Health Outside Sales - Orthodontics Denver
Enterprise Medical Recruiting Enterprise Medical Recruiting: Permanent Family Practice Physician In Denver, Colorado Denver
Bellhop Make $21+/Hr As A Mover With Bellhop Denver
Hand and Stone Spa Hand and Stone Spa: Licensed Massage Therapist Denver
Datasource Consulting Data Management Architect Consultant Denver
OPTK Networks Business Development Executive Denver
Goldstone Partners, Inc. Java Software Engineer - AI Denver Metropolitan Area
The Doyle Group SAP CPI Consultant - Contract to Hire Denver Metropolitan Area
Cypress HCM Product Marketing Manager (Remote) Denver Metropolitan Area
Associate Staffing Application Developer - Credit Union Denver Metropolitan Area
Goldstone Partners, Inc. Angular Developer Denver Metropolitan Area
AMN Healthcare REMOTE Travel Nurse Recruiter Denver Metropolitan Area
Harnham Senior Data Warehouse Engineer Denver Metropolitan Area
VincentBenjamin Senior Network Engineer Denver Metropolitan Area
PureCars Digital media Strategist Denver Metropolitan Area
Monigle Strategy Consultant Denver Metropolitan Area
Paladin Web Designer Denver Metropolitan Area
The Doyle Group SAP Source to Pay Consultant - Contract to Hire Denver Metropolitan Area
Interactive Resources iR Full Stack Engineer Denver Metropolitan Area
Vitamin T Media Buyer Denver Metropolitan Area
IQ Clarity, LLC Senior Mobile Developer (React Native) Denver Metropolitan Area
World Wide Technology Consulting Solutions Architect-Telco Cloud (Global Service Provider)-Denver, CO Denver Metropolitan Area
IntelePeer Cloud Integrations Architect Denver Metropolitan Area
Endeavor Staffing / The Salesforce Recruiter Salesforce Developer Denver Metropolitan Area
Intelligent Staffing Staffing Sales Executive Denver Metropolitan Area
Goldstone Partners, Inc. Marketing Manager - Remote Denver Metropolitan Area
Qwinix Technologies Google Cloud Platform Architect Greater Denver Area
Ifficient Affiliate Manager Greater Denver Area
Qwinix Technologies GCP Security Engineer Greater Denver Area
Estrellita, Inc. Educational Sales Consultant Greater Denver Area
hrQ Local Denver Human Resources Professionals Greater Denver Area
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in denver. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.27 17:39 joeyoungblood My Printify Wishlist

We've been using Printify for a project for a few months now. Our specific build uses the WooCommerce integration for automation. Forgiving some issues due to the pandemic, here is our wishlist for 8 future products/features from Printify and their printing partners.
  1. Progress Indicator Integration with WordPress - Printify offers a really nice progress indicator for us in the dashboard stating where a specific product/order is at. Integrating this into the WooCommerce My Account section would be absolutely amazing. Customers LOVE progress indicators and they've even served as marketing differentiators for companies like Dominos in the past. This would elevate the perceived value of shops using Printify to a whole different level.
  2. Shipped Product Preview in Order Dashboard - The absolute biggest complaint is that products from printing partners get shipped tilted, misaligned, too wide, in low quality, or even blank. We actually purchase our own products as if we are customers and 35% so far have had some sort of issue ranging from critically bad to almost unnoticeable. Quality control is nearly impossible for a shop using Printify because it is decentralized and on-demand printing, meaning the brand has zero control over the entire process. While this offers amazing efficiencies and has positive environmental impacts with reduced waste and carbon footprints - it makes for a very horrible customer experience should that product arrive looking poor. Printify could give us a tool to head this off by having partners take a photo of the product before packaging and shipping. While this would add time and inevitably delay the shipping, it would offer a small window to stop poor quality products from shipping. If the product ships it would give the brand the ability to head off the customer service disaster by requesting a reprint and notifying the customer. This would shift the responsibility from Printify the platform to the brand for Quality Control. Depending on how Printify works with their partners, this integration might not be very easy to pull off, but in my opinion would be invaluable to a growing brand.
  3. Private Label Shipping - Offering a way to place paper / gloss inserts or stickers in with products, or branded packaging by AOP printing on materials, stickers, or another solution would be next level. This has been done in spaces like skin care and beauty, but there is an issue with many current implementations with getting the packaging right and making it look nice. If I had to guess I would say Printify has at least discussed this as a future option.
  4. More Information on Print Providers - When we add a product to our shop, Printify users are essentially committing to one printing partner. This is a big step which Printify seeks to make easier with their Print Provider Ranking. In my personal opinion, at least during the pandemic, this score hasn't really been indicative of quality. Every provider we've used so far has shipped at least one low quality product of a level that would damage our reputation to the end customer, and those are what WE have received while purchasing from our own store. I would like to see data such as the machine used for printing shirts (i.e. OvalJet, Kornit, etc...), and how many recent / percentage of products in a recent time frame have been returned for quality issues. These two combined with the PPR score and other currently available data would help us pick the best partner and place pressure on the low quality printers to improve their track record of shipping quality print merchandise.
  5. Easier Switching Between Providers - Order routing has been incredibly helpful, thanks for adding in that feature team! That being said since day 1 I've personally found it odd that before making a product I have to first select a provider. As an online merchandise veteran (started in 2003), selecting a printing partner has always been the hardest part of the entire process. Weighing the benefits, costs, and potential issues of each digital and local partner is time-consuming and stressful. Honestly, Printify has done a really great job here (see #4) which is one reason my team and I have enjoyed the platform. However, in my personal experience I have found it makes the whole process easier if I can define the product before shopping around for a print provider. With the Printify workflow we first select a product and then a provider before we ever setup the product itself. My best guess is that Printify assumes the brand has already defined and speced out the product prior to going into setup mode. While again Printify shines here telling us upfront what printers have which base products and color selection, if there's any mistakes with selecting a provider we have to completely restart the project. Recently I wanted to try a new provider and wasn't aware they had the color black (a super common color) in only a S size for specific shirt. This wasn't easily seen on setup because of how the workflow goes right now. The shirt this was for is designed for adults, so having a L size is necessary. Since Printify already has the data on product selection availability, an alternate workflow where we setup the product first and Printify suggests providers that can make it at those specs would be super helpful. This is a big change and might take longer for a product team to develop, a quicker solution would be making the process of switching between printers for X product easier. When I went to change the recent product (that option is sort of buried under My Products > Product > 3 dots > "replace") it completely wipes the product setup because of a new provider, which of course doesn't make any sense based on the data we know Printify has. Instead make the option to switch the tier 1 printer more visible inside of the product editing, retain any variations that match the new printer, notify of the variations that don't match the new printer's profile, allow creation of new variations, retain old pricing but prompt to review (possibly even with what the pricing differences are). This could in many cases reduce the time it takes to switch to a new provider for X product and reduce the stress associated with it. This would also give providers better date on the impact of low quality shipments, which would be invaluable for managing their own operations.
  6. Better Product Mockups - One of the weakest spots for Printify is the product mockups, especially in t-shirts. The mockups produced are often inaccurate portrayals of a shirt, can be low quality, and lack useful definition for consumers. Pritify appears to be aware of this pushing users to third-party service PlaceIt to generate their own mockups (which has its own issues but can be useful). A few simple changes would make the Printify mockups far better and more powerful. For starters the flat shirt lacks definition and makes it look fake, instead use a base shirt with some ripples in it to add a bit of depth and character. Secondly offer an option to add the color name as a label to each mockup to give the user better definition. If a shirt is available in Black, Vintage Black, and Solid Black Blend it can be difficult for a consumer scrolling through a color selection to know which one they are looking at. Finally the file names when pushed to WooCommerce are horrific, while it might only offer marginal benefits for SEO, it could help search engines better determine what the images are, we should be allowed to give the mockups SEO friendly filenames before publishing to the site.
  7. Better Sizing Tables - The sizing tables do not work well on mobile devices which only portray roughly the first 4 to 5 columns of data. I'm not entirely sure how to correct this specific issue, but it is a bad user experience if a shirt offers sizes XS to 3XL and only the XS to XL sizing data is visible on screen (Android at least doesn't allow users to scroll or swipe right to see the rest).
  8. Customer Feedback Automation - As you might see the theme from the wishlist so far circles around customer satisfaction and product quality. One thing most independent ecommerce suck at is generating useful customer feedback. We all know mostly angry people are the one's who leave online reviews, this leaves Printify brands and Printify itself at a severe disadvantage to platforms that act as both a print provider and marketplace or to the marketplaces themselves which use reviews to bolster their offering to new consumers. Printify could stabilize this disadvantage by offering a system where Prinitfy ships a white-labeled email to gather feedback after a product arrives to a customer. That feedback could also add valuable insights on the entire process for Prinitfy and their partners and could be shared with brands to use to contact customers likely to leave reviews on products. This would most likely be a premium feature.
submitted by joeyoungblood to Printify [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 16:20 tthrowawaying I think my [NB15] partner [NB14] is showing signs of being toxic and I'm not sure of what I should do

TL:DR: I think my partner is showing toxic traits that make me want to leave the relationship because of how bad they make me feel, but at the same time I’m worried I’ll cause them more harm if I confront them and that I don’t think this is all completely their fault, and that I know there’s something that can be done because I know they’re a nice person, but having to do it all for them makes me very tired.
What should I do? Should I try to leave for my own good or should I stay with them until it gets better?
Full post:
So, first of all, sorry if I’m wrong because I’m not very sure of what's exactly happening or if I'm seeing things wrong.
I’m not completely sure, but I’m afraid i don't really want to be with my partner anymore? Their usual behavior makes me feel very uncomfortable and sad/angry lately. I might be the problem too (and probably will be) but I’ve talked about it a bit to a friend and he agreed on what I said, so…
We've been dating since February 2020 (but know each other for over three years) and so far everything was good until in July. Since then i felt like everything has been more… Tense between us? I’m not completely sure what could have caused it, but I suspect it’s because around that time something fictional I really like turned out to be a trigger for them, but still not sure on how this related to the behaviour they show.
They vent at me more frequently, and even if I try to do everything possible to help them there are some days I just can't listen to it. I’ve tried helping them suggesting other places to vent because sometimes I won’t be there (example: when I’m at school), but they insist I'm the only one they're comfortable venting to. I even suggested using a Reddit forum, so I hope they don’t find this-. Another thing is that every time I get into a new interest (whether it be a show, music artist, game or anything), everytime I bring one of them up I just get answered with “im sorry i cant get into it :(( i have no energy“ and while I do understand and I’m absolutely not forcing them to show interest on the thing, they keep repeating it and it makes me feel bad for getting into new things.
But the biggest issue is their vagueing. I don’t think they did it on purpose because they showed to be very apologetic and genuine last time I confronted them about it, but they still do it. I had to softblock them from my private Twitter account because if I vented or complained about something, shortly after there would be a post on their account saying either a bunch of letters (Keysmashing? But not necessarily.) and/or “im sorry im not able to helpsdjfhds” (keysmash in a negative connotation) or so. There was also one time I quote-retweeted something with one of my favourite fictional characters saying “i love you” and shortly after they said “i feel like any fictional character would be able to replace me”, as if I didn’t love them or anything (which I of course do, because it’s the truth). I think what truly made me lose it was when one time I had an inside joke with three of my friends about us and a mobile game and we were all laughing, and then they started vagueing about it saying again how they felt jealous or left-out.
I think I’m at fault for this, too. A few years ago I used to be very pushy about my interests to other people, but now I don’t do that anymore and it’s been… Two years? Since last time I did that. I also feel bad, because their tendency to only rely on me and having to weigh all of their problems while having to bottle up my worries, interests and friends (because if not, they’ll vent more) makes me not want to talk to them at all. There have been many times where I received a message from them and I just groaned and tried to forget I received it, because I really didn’t want to deal with it at the moment.
(TW in this pharragraph for suicide and self-harm) But I also fear that if I become too passive, I’ll still worry them even more. Due to certain circumstances last year I tried to commit suicide (don’t worry, I’m better now) and it was like a reverse situation of now, they were the only one I confided in and tend to vent a lot in another account which is now completely locked. So it makes sense why they’re always so worried about whatever I post, but does this not apply to them, too? The day I first confronted them about their vagueing they said on their account they had a relapse not long after about my conversation with them. And this happened everytime we had a “fight” about something like this. I fear that if I express that things they do still bother me, their life will be in danger.
But still, I really want to help them to stop doing this. They’re a truly good person. I’ve known them for over three years already, and I swear they don’t mean bad with this. However I’m still dealing with my own problems and I think they need professional help, I can’t be their therapist girlfriend forever, and I don’t want to bottle up almost everything I feel just because I’m scared, especially if it’s something harmless like loving a fictional character or wanting to watch a new series.
What should I do? Should I try to leave for my own good or should I stay with them until it gets better?
Thank you for listening.
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2020.09.27 15:40 BornJinx Not about Sushant. More about us.

Arian Romal.
He has a lot to say about SSR.
His first tweet ever (from internet searches with a time frame) about SSR is after his death. But apparently they were thick as hell. He himself has an MBA in Marketing and Economy (internet gyan lol) but he and SSR used to have conversations about "AI, Quantum Physics and Backend Development".
And gradually it has morphed from
He was to build something using AI that would help the poor in India. He spoke about it but didn't reveal much to me because it was his idea and it might get stolen. But he spoke to me about the concept. His aim was to help the poor with his app,"
to beingSSR's "partner
Sushant Singh Rajput was developing an AI-based mobile app and had partnered with Denmark-based singer, Arian Romal for the project. Where are the codes for the app?
He had interviews about songs with T Series and Aditya Narayan and Tia Bajpai etc. A lot of fanboying about Salman. And now he has one million downloads with a song about Justice4SSR.
How have we started believing every ffing Vibhor asking money, Pandey entering politics and Romal asking for downloads and likes ? How every transparently fake ffing idiot seems to be making it big merely spouting unbelievable nonsense with a Justice4SSR tag ?

This is not about Sushant. It is about us.

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2020.09.27 15:33 Not_A_Bot2020 Doors To Tommorow

Hi everyone!
As I've read lots of misconceptions about this ritual, I want to help out everyone by sharing my experience I just had which I voluntarily turned into a tutorial for everyone. So I had you all in mind when I did this excersize. Now, I went into my bedroom, turned the alarm on for an hour in case I fell asleep (because I don't like to sleep all day). Then I visualized myself in the main hall with five doors. Two on the left, two on the right.
I appeared in a white suit. It's a really nice one too:
The reason will become apparent later, I chose this appearance for a good reason.
The hallway is a bit dark, so I guess my subsconsious is already onto me. Silly silly thing that. I turn on the light on the wall and an old electrical chandelier springs to life, shining a warm light over everything. Much nicer. I also see an umbrella stand to my left. I look into it, there's a key down there. Score!
I look at the leftmost door. It's really old and dusty, it looks like it's from some old run-down house. The key fits in the lock too. But the door won't budge. So I push harder and dust falls down from the frame and as I manage to get it open, I'm covered in grey dust. I laugh and dust myself off. After all, nothing stains this suit anyway. So I enter the room, it looks very old with a rocking chair, an old desk and a chair behind that. No windows though. I see the wallpaper has buckled with age. I check the desk and I find a small card that says:
THE MAN IN WHITE Available on call 24/7 for all your DTTM needs! 
Oh.. derp, that's my calling hard. I put it in my breast pocket since I'll presenting it later to whomever calls me. Thanks subconscious, nice one!
I exit the room and go back into the hall. The righthand door is interesting. It has the picture of a clock on it. I open the door that swings up on oiled hinges. I enter and it's full of clocks, everywhere I see there's a clock of some kind. They're all different though. Some are old and disgusting. Some are modern and look like they came from a garbage dump. I touch them all to prove a point. Time is time. I see one that looks especially evil, it has pentagrams. I give it a kiss and remember the truly bad times in my life. But this is only time, it can't hurt me and it can't hurt anyone else. On my way out, I see a black cat with yellow eyes, I say hi and it brushes up against my leg. I laugh bend down and pet it. Poor cat, being trapped in here with all my old memories. So I pick it up and it starts purring. On my way out I spot my old wrist watch I lost when I was a teen. Since I don't have my mobile phone here (what use would it have anyway?) I put on the watch and walk out of the door.
So, two doors down, three to go. The upper left one looks interesting, it's pure white metal of somekind. Looks like primarily silver with some nice texturing. Oh inlaid crystals? This is gotta be interesting. I open the door which feels very heavy and enter the room. And it's a nicely furnished room that has a bed, a square table and two chairs. There's posters hanging on the walls of some kind of artists. I guess this is some kinda retro thing. I look at the posters but don't recognize any of the artists. Some guy with a poodle hairdo and guitar, two girls singing at a mic, a landscape picture with a band name superimposed over it. Regular stuff. I see a window to the right, but it's painted black. I go there and open it, it leads into a void. I poke my head out through the window and look around. There's absolutely nothing there. Oh well, worth a try anyway. The cat jumps out of my hands and goes up on the bed and goes to sleep. Oh well, you'll be better off here anyway.
I go back to the hallway and look at the upper right door and when I do, the chandelier starts buzzing and the light dims for a few seconds. Yup, that door is REALLY bad business. So I walk up to it and see that it's made of old carved black wood. It's inlaid with carvings of glyphs that are filled with .. yep, it's dried blood of somekind. Now, everybody would stay away from this door, I think to myself. But I'm not. I try and open it but it won't budge. It's a nicely done door, so I don't want to kick it open though. As I'm starting to wonder if I should chant something, I feel something brush up against my leg. It's the cat of course. It looks up at me and now I see it has a key around it's collar. I squat and I smile and take the key from the collar, pet the cat and tell it it was a good girl and that it should go back to bed. Seemingly satisfied with it's role being filled, it returns to the retro room.
I turn back to the door which now has begun bleeding. I put the key in the lock and turn it and it makes this incredibly disgustingly squishy sound. I check my pockets and find a napkin, I use it to push open the door. The smell that comes out is putrid to say the least. But I walk in none the less. Inside is like a slaughterhouse. Hooks hanging from the ceiling with half mutilated bodies on them, heads mounted on the walls, arms and legs on the floor, blood absolutely everywhere. There's no ceiling, only a grid further up where light filters through.
I go in and I look at all the bodies, all their eyes are closed. I tell myself that this is pretty creepy stuff alright. I take a walk around the room and take in the details, there's things written in blood in every language I know and in some I don't even know if it's just random symbols or not. I pass by a woman torso that's apparently engulfed from the waist up. Her arms are suspended in a Y by chains hanging from the ceiling. She's covered in blood and has been obviously tortured quite a bit. As I walk by, her head jerks up and opens her eyes... well actually her eyesockets since her eyes have been removed. She still looks at me and says "You've entered here although you shouldn't. You have now met us." and by the point she says us, every face in the room opens it's eyes and focuses on me. She continues "we are all that is dark, all that is evil, we want nothing good for you, we simply want to destroy you, to kill you, to put you into the same state we are in. We are forever, we will always loom in this place and be ready for you"
Before she can continue, I put my finger to her lips and silence her. I say "Listen, you have no power here. Yes, you're frightening to look at, but you can't do anything to me." She hisses back and tries to bite my finger. Then she says "you're full of shit and your post will be full of shit too" I laugh and I tell her that oh well, at least she has a nice rack. I then challenge the room and I ask it to do it's worst. Blood starts seeping from the walls and I see a shadow flit by the grating above. But apart from that, nothing else happens because I refuse to be intimidated in my own world. Scared and unnerved yes, but never dominated. I look back on the woman and I softly say "You were very beautiful once weren't you? Here, let me help you." I stretch out my hand and touch hers and I pull her out of the wall as I free from the chains. As she emerges, all her wounds heal and a nice blue dress manifests. Wow, she's truly a stunner. She looks at me and is surprised. She looks down at her body and back to me. I say "See? Things are better when you work together. Now, go free the rest of these trapped souls in there. You can leave to somewhere nice if you take the door on the other wall. (And now there is a door on the wall that reads "To The Happy Places")
Kind of stunned at the development, she goes and helps her partners in crime by touching them, as she touches each of them, they heal and spread it onward as they start leaving through the other door I decide it's time to leave. As I try and leave the room though, the door slams shut in front of me and glows menacingly red. I try and open it and it refuses to budge. An evil laughter comes from it and it says "I'll never let you out, you're going to die in here" I punch the door which refuses to budge. At this point, I smile and I say "Listen, this is my mind, my rules and my domain. My will is absolute" and to make a point, I punch myself through the wall back into the hallway. I also rip the door of it's hinges and throw it on the floor in the middle of the hallway. I look back into the creepy room and see the girl waving goodbye with a nice happy grin on her face as she closes the door to the happy places.
I turn my attention back to the door and say "you're such a riot that I think I'll make you a permanent part of my starting hallway from now on." So I lift up the door and now notice it has a face on it that shrieks at me and threatens all manner of evil and ghastly things. I hang it on the wall, take a step back and look at it.. I adjust a bit to the left. There.. perfect! As it babbles I laugh at it, it's now no more than a funny prop I have for my amusement. I look at the door and say "I think you need a name... yes, I think I'll call you Satan because you're so cute" The only reply back I get is a string of curses and some latin crap and other assorted threats.
Turning my attention to the last door in the hallway, it's a normal grey one and I open it up. Behind it is a room with an easel and some painting supplies. There's a video camera pointed towards the easel too. It takes me a bit before I get the joke and I laugh to myself, then I see a message written in Phtalo Blue on the canvas which I think is intended for all of you out there: "There are only happy accidents"
And at that time, I decided it was time to wake up so I did just that. It was a nice half hour of a rest.
So, the point of my excersize is to first assure everyone that you cannot possibly mess this up unless you tack on some other mystical stuff onto it. Really, don't, because it's only a stupid risk to do that. There is nothing dangerous in these hallways and rooms, scary and unnvering, yes, but dangerous? Never, it's in your mind.
But, just in case you all need some help, you can always just say to yourself "Hey, Man In White, I think I need some help here" or something and I'll show up and bail you out. I will always wear my suit and I will always introduce myself with a smile and a little bow and present my calling card. (Don't worry, you can keep it, I have infinite amounts of them after all)
So I wish you all happy exploring, it's a really fascinating thing when your subconscious starts to throw things at you. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, sometimes it's just annoying. But you'll learn a lot about yourself and how you think when you're in there.
TL:DR: DTTM isn't dangerous.
Edit: Also, if anyone wants some tips on things to do in your newfound world, I can share a lot of fun things you could try.
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2020.09.27 15:33 schmidtj How’s coverage on far NW Illinois, SW Wisconsin, NE Iowa?

When I was with Sprint the Freeport IL to Dubuque, IA Rte 20 corridor coverage was mediocre. Now that I’m with T-Mobile I’m curious how the coverage is in the same area. Who are the Roaming Partner(s) in the area? I know most locals have US Cellular out there and are generally happy with it but they are CDMA if that’s important. Any insight appreciated.
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2020.09.27 15:12 portlane Valerie Bieber (September 5, 1936 - September 17, 2020)

September 5, 1936 - September 17, 2020
Valerie Bieber died Sept. 17, 2020 in Vancouver, WA at age 84 with her husband of 64 years and children and grandchildren by her side. She was born Valerie Elaine Brunson on Sept. 5, 1936 in Missoula, MT.
Valerie had a challenging childhood, losing her father as a little girl, living with relatives and in foster care at times, and then losing her mother as a teenager. But with love and support from extended family she never let those difficult beginnings damper her joy of life. She had an infectious sense of humor and loved to celebrate events big and small.
Valerie married Roger Bieber on April 15, 1956 in Missoula, and they had two daughters and two sons in the next five years. She was a homemaker while her children were young, caring for the family and making adventures of winter sledding, summer camping and every birthday and holiday in between. She enjoyed playing cards and board games, sewing and needlepoint crafts and cooking. Nothing Val did was complete without family and friends. She absolutely loved getting together to visit and laugh and share anything she had with anyone.
When all her kids were in elementary school, Valerie began secretarial work for Northern Pacific Railroad until 1969 when the family moved to Pullman, WA for Roger’s postgraduate degree at Washington State University. During their two years in Pullman, she worked for the Home Economics Department and the ROTC at WSU. More importantly, she made new lifelong friends, which was where she truly excelled. Anyone who was alone on a holiday, or even a weekend, was invited to Val’s house for a home cooked meal and games with her family.
In 1971 Valerie and her family moved to Vancouver, where she worked for the Veterans Administration Hospital and later for Bonneville Power Administration, where she retired in 1994. She then worked part-time for a few years with C-Van as a specialty bus driver for ADA and Senior Mobility. It was a perfect fit for her desire to help others and her love of talking with strangers, which happened quite often with Val in stores and restaurants but was also how she made many friends.
In retirement, Valerie and Roger took trips all over the United States visiting national parks, historic sites, Alaska and Hawaii, and enjoyed numerous vacations with friends, family, children and grandchildren. When at home, Val often had one or more of her young grandkids over to spend the night, make cookies, and put together puzzles. Older grandkids who visited could count on having a meal there and leaving with dinner and dessert for the next day.
Valerie was a loving and supportive wife to Roger, helping him through many years of higher education. She was also his partner in building two of their family homes and remodeling many others. She often said that just when they got a place fixed the way they wanted they would move somewhere else. But she entered every new undertaking with a sense of fun and adventure. Roger has said that she brought bubbles to life, and there’s no better way to define what she meant to her family.
Valerie is survived by husband, Roger; two daughters, Roxanne Weaver (Marc Crump) and Traci Mitchel (Dexter); two sons, Gregg (Lynne) and Scott (Melissa); brother, Robert Brunson; sister, Valetta Hutcheson; 13 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren, and many cousins, nieces and nephews.
A celebration of Valerie’s life will be scheduled for a later date. The family appreciates memorial contributions to Alzheimer’s Association _
Please share a memory @
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Instalacion del mobile partner lte 4g- Aprenda como ... FOOD-TRAK Mobile Partner - Next Generation! - YouTube mobile partner ussd + call Mobile Partner Settings - YouTube Instalación Modem Huawei con Mobile Partner - YouTube How to install and RUN Mobile Partner in Windows 7 and ... Ubuntu: How to Install Huawei Mobile Partner 21 in Ubuntu ... Tutorial: Mobile Partner - YouTube How to configure Mobile Partner and setup - YouTube Mobile Partner 23 - YouTube

Mobile Partner Download (Mobile Partner.exe)

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  2. FOOD-TRAK Mobile Partner - Next Generation! - YouTube
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Instructivo para la instalacoin del mobile partner lte 4g - Aprenda como instalar mobile partnet para ATP extendido. Guia practicapara la instalacion del mob... Meet the brand new FOOD-TRAK Mobile Partner - Next Generation (FMP-NG)! The latest addition to our collection of mobility tools features a completely new des... Huawei Modem. E176G. HSPA USB STICK. APN: Gibtel, Vodafone, Orange, Sun Cellular, SmartBro, Globe Internet Settings: Gibtel APN: Access Numbe... How to configure Mobile Partner .for airtel , aircel , tata docomo, bsnl, and other mobile operators Mobile Partner is a software for connecting Huawei net-stick to Computer.After watching this video you can easily connect and Run mobile partner. Mobile PArt... Ingresa a Este vídeo te enseñará cómo instalar un modem Huawei con mobile partner en S.O. Windows More Videos - Contatc Me - Email - [email protected] - facebook - mayantha viduranga - Twitter - mayantha2 Download Mobile Partn... How to install and RUN Mobile Partner in Windows 7 and Windows 8 - Duration: 4:01. Tipnol 58,964 views. 4:01. Mobile Partner Settings - Duration: 2:26. Time To Share 58,544 views. Esta semana TaZZiTo nos habla sobre una pequeña aplicación que nos va a ser muy útil si queremos acceder a una conexión de datos desde nuestro portátil media... Ubuntu: How to Install Huawei Mobile Partner 21 in Ubuntu? Helpful? Please support me on Patreon: With thanks & praise ...